Our Mission
Makers Club’s mission is to provide a time, place, and materials for Makers to come together and make cool stuff.

What’s a “Maker”?
We hope that’s you! Makers are people who like to make things. Whether it’s drawing, crafting, sewing, hot gluing, painting, brewing, etc., a Maker is someone who wants to create on a regular basis.

What Does Makers Club Actually Do?
Our whole thing is helping people make more time for making stuff. We hold monthly "Sessions" where we invite folks from the community to show up and make a cool thing with us in a upbeat, judgement-free environment. Past Sessions have included making wreaths, mini succulent gardens, vintage-style felt letter boards, fabric wrapped bangles, and illuminated bottles. To see what we've already made together, check out our past events on our Sessions page.

What Does a “Session” Look Like?
Basically speaking, we believe that club > class. When you sign up for a Makers Club Session, you can expect to gather with other Makers, adults in the Collingswood area, at a local location (a home or work space in the community) and make stuff in a primarily self-directed format. There will be a different theme each Session, announced in advance and we bring all the supplies you'll need to make something special to take home that day. Sessions are different than signing up for a class or training. As Makers, we encourage the value of figuring things out on your own terms, sharing ideas with fellow Makers, and self-directed creation. We’re all learning something new at some point and this is a friendly, judgement free, supportive environment. Currently, Sessions are for adults only.

Can I Bring Wine/Beer to Sessions?

How Do I Find Out About Upcoming Sessions?
When you sign up for our email list, you will be sent information about our Sessions (monthly gatherings where we make something cool.) You can also follow us on social media or keep an eye out here on our website. 
When Does Makers Club Meet for Sessions?
Most Sessions will occur one Wednesday a month from 6:30 p.m. until around 8:00 p.m.. Sometimes we’ll switch it up and meet on a different day or time based on space availability and what craft we’re working on so be sure to double check the date/time info for each Session.
Where Does Makers Club Meet for Sessions?
We have lined up a great local place where most of our Sessions will take place: The Quilted Nest. Occasionally, we will meet at different locations in the Collingswood area, depending on the nature of the craft. For example, if we’re working with a lot of dirt, you can bet we’ll be outside! 

Can I Bring a Friend to Sessions? Is It Weird If I Don't Know Anyone?
There will be plenty of friendly, welcoming folks to meet if you choose to come on your own, but if you'd like to bring a friend, please forward along our emails to them or send them a link to the Session and ask that they RSVP. 

What is the Cost of Attending a Session?
Each Session will have a different cost, depending on what we’re doing that month. We try to vary the cost levels throughout the year and intend for this to be an inclusive experience. Costs include all the materials you need to create that month’s featured project.

Does Makers Club Do Parties?
Yes, we do! When you invite Maker Club to your party, we bring all the supplies your guests will need to create a cool, special thing to take home with them that day. Each party is custom designed to meet the needs of you, your guests, your theme, and your location. Contact us to learn more about having Makers Club at your party and be sure to give us a couple weeks notice.

If you have any other questions about Makers Club, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us ANY TIME! This is still new, and very much in the beginning stages of what we hope it will become, and we welcome your ideas and feedback. Thank you!